- Link your device to account

Are you looking for streaming device which can access you to watch the channels you loved or you want, then Roku streaming device is the right device for you. With this you can stream your favorite TV Shows, movies and music. You can go for roku activation using To use your Roku player, you need to have TV, laptop or desktop. Benefit of this device you can use Roku with TV as well as your personal computer.

How to activate roku using link code from

  1. Establish wireless internet connection.
  2. Connect device via HDMI cable to the TV
  3. Go to url
  4. Enter Roku code displaying
  5. Now Submit . You are done !
  6. Next you need to follow steps to add a payment.
  7. Once you done payment ok, you can add Roku paid channel to your Roku channel store.

Happy Streaming!

Best streaming roku models

  1. Roku Express
    • Easy to handle and set up using the roku remote
    • Simple remote with channel buttons
    • Stream HD contents Secure network settings to offer good speed
  2. Roku Express+
    • Comes with the audio-video cables
    • Excellent selection of streaming apps
    • Voice search and Roku feed feature to begin your search
  3. Roku Premiere
    • Simple remote
    • Simple and handy remote to select your settings
    • Stream HD,4K, HDR contents and the streaming quality plays the role
  4. Roku Streaming Stick+
    • Stream HD,4K, HDR
    • Voice remote with tv controls
    • Enhanced remote with the tv power and volume buttons